Work That We Offer.

Canon Mikho Marketing Web Design Web Creation

Web Creation & Design

Focusing on landing pages, branding fluidity & appeal, loading speed, and marketing design concepts. We uniquely create & design websites on many website hosts, most notably Squarespace, while injecting elements of HTML, JAVA Script & CSS to promote and push design and consumer interaction and retention.

Canon Mikho Marketing SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become a fundamental requirement in both foundational content and UGC such as blogs. Keyword research is taken place, demographic relevancy is considered, and a list is compiled including broad, exact & phrase keywords. Negative keywords, for PPC/CPC campaigns, relating to eCommerce are available upon request.

Canon Mikho Marketing Branding


Your company/organization image is important to yourself, and your consumers. Your mission statement is a part of who you are on a day to day basis, or simply an alias which embodies your company’s message. Making sure your brand is kept clean is important and often forgotten by many marketers, and we make sure to never let that down.

Canon Mikho Marketing Social Media

Social Media

Staying connected to what’s trending is a requirement for a company to excel in today’s age. We make that easy with our guaranteed “Social Media Handshake”, offering both to create, optimize and connect your social networks to your website. Company message and motto is clearly and eloquently delivered from inception to the consumer facing media & networks.

Canon Mikho Marketing Advertising


Social Media & eCommerce PPC/CPC Advertisements, Flyer Designs, Copy/Text & Motto’s, Psychological studies & experience in the advanced field of Amazon is what has pushed CMM to become where we are today. Our phenomenal portfolio & strategies of Advertisement within eCommerce has allowed us to continue to shine over our competition and consumers eat it up.