Leone & Kosyla is a law firm focusing around family law & civil litigation. The design behind Leone & Kosyla Law was creative, powerful & intimidating, meanwhile hooking viewers in to learn more with an attractive persona that described the law-firm’s character. Issues that caused the client to approach revolved around not the desired branding, dated web-design as well as insufficient consumer data & description of services.

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Home Page.

The following work was conducted for Leone & Kosyla Law

  1. Web Creation & Design

  2. Branding

  3. Search Engine Optimization

  4. Social Media Optimization

  5. Social Media Hand-Shake

  6. Google Analytics

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Testimonials Page.


Work performed on the website revolved largely around services that Leone & Kosyla provide as a law firm. Services offered by Leone & Kosyla revolve around Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Landlord - Tenant, which was discussed and largely implemented throughout a website from an SEO perspective. Branding and conflict - solution persona was implemented within the branding of the law firm, which is a common technique within branding for solution-based companies.


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