Levels Design


The owner of the website requested that I adjust their website tailored to, “help small local businesses with their online presence and help modernize their website.”

The following work consulted for this owner is as listed below:

  • Adjustment of logo to capture a greater audience, bland;
  • Changed font to a more legible sans serif;
  • Adjusted random use of “Bolds” that seems weird on the page;
  • Grammar;
  • Had no use of social media and quick-links, recommended the use of at-least on social-media that was appropriate with his business;
  • Recommended B2B on LinkedIn advertisement;
  • Recommended B2C on Facebook & Twitter advertisement;
  • Adjust the color and ambiance of the website, black & whites only was pulling away from a “Creative” company;
  • Recommended the replacement of white paper with “Contact Us” tab, making it easier for the interested customer to get business done.

Work was completed on February 2nd, 2017.


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