Revlon is a large scale make-up company that services many individuals across many platforms. Through my data marketing role at Sage Tree LLC, we run data viz, organization and marketing campaign optimization. My work for Revlon, and occasionally Elizabeth Arden, has been wholesome in the sense of creating visual information and demographics. Through the use of Tableau and Amazon Reporting Analytics, I have conducted the following work:

  • Successfully created and renovated a new campaign dashboard for Revlon USA;
    • Used via Tableau;
      • Conducted through a 1 million+ row data source
      • Managed large information through Amazon data reporting tool in harvesting and optimizing data to clear data format in Excel
      • Ran through cloud based services
  • Created large amounts of parameters, measures, dimensions and visualizations
  • Created various versions of Stories, dashboards and sheets of data and visualizations
  • Created general overviews on product strategies, paths and recommendations
  • Managed live and extracted data sources for live reporting and optimizations of Revlon visualizations

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