Smiling Times

The client came and approached me in conducting work and current site recommendations for his organization, where he travels across the world. The following work was conducted for the client:

  • De-clutter landing page – getting rid of the effects
    • Include more static words
  • Alt Tags re-affirmation
  • Call to Action
  • Landing Page Image fills layout
  • Social Media
    • Facebook, G+ Community, Youtube, Instagram & Twitter
  • Content Marketing
    • Blogging
      • 500-700 per content blog
      • Increase blogging to once a week
  • Quality images to change
  • Organizing page
  • SERP increase
  • Corrected quick links & re-directories
  • Landing Page loading time correction
  • “Send us a message”
  • Image placement
  • E-commerce correctly configured
  • Analytics
  • Increase blogging time
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Broken Links Fixed
  • Slightly adjusted content below the fold











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