UXBrand Copy


The client was interested in a consultation of the website that dealt with officiating documents, and the client’s intentions was to get a general overview of where his content stood. The following was completed for the client:

  • Brought up the issue of the lack of information that the website had provided, in which the recommendation of including content on how the processes of his work is completed to give active viewers some insight in how the client’s business is conducted;
  • The images on the website where halfway above and below the fold, recommended this adjustment was made to stick fully above the fold;
  • Adjustment of verbiage on landing page;
  • Adjust of tabs for breadcrumbs;
  • Increased fluidity throughout website for positive SEO;
  • Corrected grammar and punctuation;
  • Added specific quick-links;
  • Correction of leveled headings for proper professional format;
  • Formatted Terms of Service properly;
  • Re-directories to social media;
  • Recommended a Lawyer look over “Privacy” and “Terms of Service”;
  • Lack of content for pricing table;
  • Adjusted the branding of website “UXBrandCopy” which was placed nowhere on the website that pulled away from the legitimacy of the website.

The work was completed on January 1st, 2017.


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