Yimmies Cafe


Work done for Yimmies includes:

  • Managing Social Media Dashboard;
  • Launch a serious of advertising campaigns across Google AdSense & AdWords, Facebook & Instagram;
  • Monitoring analytics and graphing out in Tableau;

    Top 3 is one of the newer blog posts describing the best and unique coffee equipments available.
  • Drafting wide-area surveys on platforms such as Qualtrics & Survey Monkey and develop solutions in marketing mix;
  • Monitoring keyword density in website;
  • Blog bi-weekly for content marketing & keyword density;
  • Achieve higher SERP ranking;
  • Utilizing the Golden Triangle rule to increase appeal;
  • Alt-tag sources to increase Keyword density;
  • Generate content via photography and graphic design;
  • Optimizing welcome page to have a simple and clean landing page that directs consumers to their desired tab;
  • Expanding on programs provided and offered in Yimmies.com through awareness of services.
  • Plan commercials, and direct mailing services that will be utilized at time of coffee shop opening;
  • Engage in a E-Commerce campaign for the Yimmies HomeBrew, a services offered by Yimmies that ships cold brew, made to order, directly to the door of the consumer.


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