Website Creation & SEO

I create some GOOD Squarespace websites, that drive sales & generate leads. As a Squarespace Authorized Trainer that has created over 100 websites. I will take care of everything, from the website setup and layout to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), domain linking, and more.



ecommerce & Merch

I will set up your eCommerce page to sell your goods & services, whether you are a company or Youtuber. I will organize it with a mailing and message system to notify your purchasers when a product has been shipped, and a management system that will keep track of orders placed.



Paid Advertising

I setup and manage ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon (AMS) and Google Adwords. I deliver a strategy that works for your business based on research and supported by analytics. I also monitor campaigns on a daily basis and send weekly recaps on campaign performance.



Brand Advertising & Scope

I will help determine plans of actions for your company. I determine priorities on brand advertising & marketing scopes and timelines. I teach you how to kick-start your company into a social business it needs to be. You have the company, i’ll tell you how to make it tic.


Talk Fast, Stay Social.